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Basic Hardware,Software,Privacy, Security, Backup Guide And Troubleshooting Tips To Use A Computer Running On Windows

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A computer is an electronic device that manipulates information, or data. It has the ability to store, retrieve, and process data. You may already know that you can use a computer to type documents, send email, play games, and browse the Web.

Scope of computer based training

Computer-Based Training (CBT) is a self-paced online training which is interactive and instructor-

less educational process. It involves personal or networked computer for the delivery and access

of training programs. E-learning is evolving as the most effective method for imparting education

especially in modes like open and distance learning. Countries like India which are fast developing

require extensive of education and training at higher level.

The scope of this training is to set forth a platform for students to utilize the assistance of

computers which could enable them for internet based teaching and learning.

E-learning will have a higher positive impact on education in India as its highly cost effective.

An ability to review a design to communicate ideas technically, computer based training is vital.

Benefits of computer based training

? Computer based training is cost effective and time saving. In-person training comes with

many costs like travel, trainer fees, and employee productivity

? Learner�s retention rate and engagement is higher

? Presentations and lectures can be taken any number of times

? Organization and the employees can have more control over the learning process

? Computer based training provides engaging and immersive content which can really get you

involved and engaged with training and it can be accessed by smartphones as well

? Access to latest and updated content

? Scheduling and deployment is way more easier

? Tracking the progress and analytics of the course is easy

? Online learning is instrumental and helps in competitiveness enhancement

? Learning can be anywhere and is 24/7

Why should you undergo computer based training?

Modern browser-based applications and web-based training courses are easily accessible to all

types of computers and smartphones. You can bring together dispersed learners and instructors in

virtual classrooms. Web-based programs deliver dynamic media-rich content, native as well as

imported from various web sources and the content can be updated at any given time by

instructors or learners themselves during the training process. The development of computers has

led to the emergence of a society which is based on information. If the computers are used

appropriately, it can facilitate students� collaboration and enhance knowledge building and the

changes can create a great impact in the way we think and learn.

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Course content
 Topic Covered Estimate time (3 Hours)
Computer Data & Information
Functionalities of Computers
Data-Flow Diagram Data Processing
Advantages of Computer
Disadvantages of Computer
Used Sectors
Generations of Computer
Classification of Computer
Copmuter Components
Computer Architecture Diagram
Input Units
CPU (central Processing Unit)
Output Units
Computer Memories
Cache Memory
Primary and Secondary Memory
RAM (Random Access Memory)
ROM (Read Only Memory)
Types of ROM and its Advantages
Computer Motherboard
Features of Motherboard
Popular Manufacture
Description of motherboard
diagram of Motherboard and its Connection
Memory Storage Unit
How is Memory Measured
Characteristics of Ports and Connectivity
Types of Port
Computer Hardware
Computer Software
Relation Between HARDWARE and SOFTWARE
System Software
Application Software
Computer Networking
Characteristics of Computer Networking
Networking Cable
Network Card
Operating System
Characteristics of Operating System
Similarities Between INTERNET AND INTRANET
How to Buy Computers